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Can Roberts and Sons Real Estate help me find a tenant?

Yes.  Our fee for finding a tenant is one months rent, and if you decide to have us manage the home during the term we'll give you a prorated credit of this fee toward management.  That's for real.


Many companies charge the same don't even offer management.  Why hire a company to place a tenant when they don't even manage property, let alone offer to manage the home and tenant they approved? 


Did you know that a full months rent on a 12 month lease is 8.3% of your gross for the year, and most management companies charge 10% to manage the home 100% all year! 


For 1.7% more than the other guys charge to find a warm body and send you on your way, we'll find a tenant and keep things running smoothly so you'll never have to do anything for 12 months.


On top of that we offer multi-property discounts for owners with more than one home.

We are happy to find a good tenant, but just as happy to manage if you decide you'd like our help.

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