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Roberts and Sons Real Estate

Roberts and Sons Real Estate turn key property management services provide peace of mind to our clients whether they live next door or in another country.


Yes, we have clients that retain us to manage property next door to their primary residence.  What better referral could you you ask for than owners that see their investment property every single day and use Roberts and Sons as their management company.  These and dozens of clients have been with Roberts and Sons for 20 years because we manage their homes the way they would manage them.

Roberts and Sons Real estate has 30 years of proven management experience with a solid working philosophy of what a long term investment is, not just placing tenants in the now.  It takes the past, present and future goals into consideration.  It is also sweating the small details now so that things don't grow into large issues later.


In property management experienced foresight is literally the ounce of prevention in the old saying.

We have our own investment properties, and we care for your property the same way we care for our own.  We use the same contractors.  We check up on it the same way and with a personal connection that tenants are aware of from the minute they call to see a home under our care.

Our background is construction.  We started off just like most of our clients, managing our own investment properties, but we also did contract work remodeling homes and finishing basements going back several generations.  When we say that we know how to take care of a property, we mean this literally in a hands on sense.  There isn't anything that Home Depot sells that we haven't installed or repaired, most hundreds or thousands of times.  Now we use trusted contractors to do the work, but we know what needs to be done to keep a home in good repair.

If you are seasoned landlord that has been managing their own investment property, but you are at a point where you want to have a life away from the property responsibility, then Roberts and Sons Real Estate is here for you. 


We know you want the freedom to focus on other things, but don't have any desire to risk what you have built, and you want real time feedback on the state and care of the home and tenants. This is what we do, and we are really good at it.

Even if you have never managed a rental home or placed a tenant before, you can appreciate the value of a manager that can navigate from point A to point B and avoid you learning things the hard way.

Let us show you what a property manager can be, and you won't settle for anything less.

Call me, I'd be happy to talk with you about how we can help.

Joe Roberts

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