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Why seek out a real estate company that offers property management to buy investment property?


Why seek out a real estate company that offers property management to help you buy investment property?

Because your primary goal is to reliably rent the investment home for a target rent over a long period of time, not just buy the home and pay the mortgage.

It isn't simply finding a property at a good price that fits your budget.  That isn't even half of it if you are going to rent it for 10 or 20 years.  You need to know the rental market and what factors on the home will impact how much and how quickly you can rent it for, as well as what it is going to need to remain competitive in the rental market over that entire time.

Small things quickly add up to a big discrepancy between what you planned and what becomes reality, and the only way to avoid these is an experienced property manager.  What time of year will the home be advertised, exactly what repairs or updates are needed to meet the market rent for that neighborhood, and how do you actually find tenants and manage for the next 5 years to keep vacancy at 0%. 


Even better than an experienced property manager is one that is willing to stand behind their guidance on buying the property and actually manage it and deliver those results.

Let us help set realistic goals from the start and find the property that is right for you.  Nothing is worse than going through the entire buying process with an non-managing agent expecting a minimum rent return only to find that the actual position of the home isn't on target. 


You can't rent a home for 10% over the competing rentals just because that is what you estimated when you made the offer.  

Consider having someone in your corner with experience to deliver the actual goal you want.  You don't just want an investment property, you want a successful investment property.

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