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Why is Roberts and Sons' construction background a plus?

Our construction background provides our clients many things that other agents can't, both on real estate buying and selling as well as managing a clients home.

We have excellent relationships with contractors in nearly every field going back decades and many new ones as well.  We can trust their work without hesitation, and they guarantee what they do for us and our clients.  We get consistently good value from all of them with a priority because of the volume of work we do with them.

Several of our agents have also been directly involved with residential construction and remodel work for just as long.  We've actually done these things ourselves.  We can get things fixed fast because 98% of the time we know exactly what needs to be done without calling anyone outside of our staff, and when we do they know what they are going out to repair.

These same resources are available to clients who are buying or selling a home.  We know how much a new furnace, water heater, kitchen remodel, shower replacement, garage door, or roof will cost because we do several each month.  We can also get quotes or work done quickly to avoid hanging up your purchase or sale, 

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